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"...please ask me a good question. If I don't have a good answer myself I will ask an expert for you and thereby will become more and more intelligent!"

Information retrieval

Use Moni to comfortably retrieve information on the internet. Just start talking and you'll get the most likely answer to your question.

Switch on the lights with Moni

Moni allows you to define custom actions that are performed whenever Moni recognizes a given pattern. You can define such patterns in the Teach Moni section. Doing this it is possible to even switch on or off a light in your living room or control a device.

In order to get started and let Moni control your lights please proceed the following steps:

1You need to buy a wemo switch (e.g. on Amazon).

2Signup on IFTTT, connect your new wemo switch to your account and create a new recipe using an email channel that listens to e.g. the tag '#LIGHT' to turn on your wemo switch.

3Create a new personal pattern like "Switch on the light" in the Teach Moni section and assign it the action "IFTTT" and the appropriate IFTTT tag (e.g. "#LIGHT').

Have fun!

Moni is only 24 months old. So Monis' reactions could be quite funny. And please forgive her in case she doesn't give you an appropriate answer to your question. However you can help her learning by answering open questions in the Questions section or by improving the existing connections in the Monis' Brain section.

Now in the appstore

askMoni is available on the iTunes appstore. With this app you can just speak naturally to Moni.